Hello, welcome to edger.dev.

My name is YJ Park. I’m a full-stack software developer. I’ve been working on many different areas of software development, web apps and mobile apps, 2D and 3D mobile games. I have been using Rust, C#, F#, Python, Java, Elm, TypeScript, Delphi in previous works. Also took care of DevOps in most of my previous jobs, using Kubernetes, CI/CD, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

Instead of being an “export” of certain technologies, I’m more interested in learning new ones, it’s amazing to see all these programming languages, development platforms, frameworks, toolkits, free for us to learn and use, with open-source codes.

In spite of being a fast learner and quick adopter, I also care a lot about architect design and code quality, I don’t agree that quick comes with dirty, it can also be done elegantly.

It can also be frustrated with so many choices, e.g. to create a simple website like this one, I’ve tried a dozen of different approaches, spent many hours just for learning. Along the way, I’ve left a few unmaintained blog sites, with very few posts.

I’m trying to focus on more running codes in this site instead of blog posts, I will still try to write some posts, but main efforts will be put into projects (intended to be maintained longer term) or demos (for learning new technologies).


I’m a freelancer at the moment, just working on these projects and demos with my free time. I’m open for these technical works:


  • Technical decision and system architect for new projects
  • Technical debt mitigation for existing projects
  • Cloud native development and deployment
  • Project management, development and deployment process for small team
  • Unity3D performance optimization, 3rd party extension investigation
  • Other general technical consultant works


  • MVP development
  • Tools for internal usage
  • Experimental works on uncertain technologies
  • Technical management, code reviews

If you’re interested, please use the contact form to send a message.